These Habits Can Actually Wreck Your Teeth

Having clean, healthy and sparkling white teeth have always been a dream of every one. For some people, they don’t hesitate to spend considerably a lot of money to get their teeth fixed in beauty clinic or orthodontist. Getting your teeth treated professionally, it’s still very possible for your teeth to be wrecked by these simple daily habits:These Habits Can Actually Wreck Your Teeth

1. Chewing Ice Cube

Experts have said that the low temperature of the ice cube will not only get the teeth to suffer from pain. More than that, this bad habit can cause your teeth to become more fragile and easy to break.

2. Eating Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have also been known to be the main cause of your teeth getting fragile and yellow. Basically, dried fruits contain of vitamin C and other substances which are damaging to our teeth. It can be said as well that dried fruits also tend to cause cavity due to its high sugar content.

3. Swimming

Swimming has long be known as an exercise which can make our body healthy and fresh. That’s why it’s quite shocking to find that swimming can be a dangerous activity for our mouth, and teeth in particular. It has been found that the swimming pool has exceptionally high level of chlorine which can tear our teeth.

These Are 4 Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

Sometimes we are clueless how we suddenly have a bad breath. All we know is that when it comes out of the blue, it can make our confidence crumbles down, no matter how eloquent our look is. Bad breath can be triggered by several causes, and it can even be come out as a sign that someone has been suffering from certain disease. At least here are 4 reasons why your breath can smell so bad.These Are 4 Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

1. Dirty Mouth
90% of bad breathe cases are caused by dirty mouth. The smell is by then comes from the germs and bacteria which stuck in the mouth. It can be a warn as well that you don’t brush and clean your moth well.

2. Unhealthy Mouth
When your mouth is unwell, it provides a favorable place for germs and bacteria to grow well. These bacteria can cause decay in he mouth so it smells exceptionally awful.

3. Consuming Something Smelly
The next reason why you may have bad breath is that you recently eat or drink something which has strong smell. Garlic, Shallots, durian, and milk are among the examples of foods and beverage which can trigger bad breath.

4. Lack of Carbohydrate
When you lack of carbohydrate, your body will use fats as the fuel of metabolism system. The burning fats can produce the strongly terrible smell which comes out from sweat and also breathe.

Beware of These Signs Which Can Show that You Lack of Zinc!

Zinc is an essential mineral for our body. Its role is mostly important to distribute oxygen from the lung to our entire body while at the same time boost our immunity as well. If we lack of zinc, the most visible effects are feeling fatigue and anxious. We will uncomfortable with our own body. We can notice that we’ve lacked of zinc if we found these symptoms:Beware of These Signs Which Can Show that You Lack of Zinc!
1. Dizzy
As mentioned before, zinc takes the key role to distribute oxygen in our body since it’s an essential element to produce hemoglobin. If our body lack of oxygen, then you will most likely get dizzy easily.
2. Asphyxia
The lack of zinc will halt the oxygen to reach all part of our body. When the level f oxygen in our body is low, then you will suffocate of asphyxia. For example, you get short-breath after doing job as simple as taking the stairs.
3. Pale
Lack of zinc means lack of hemoglobin which is part of eritroid. Hence, you may find your skin paler and also your gum, inner eyelid and lips are less red than usual.
4. Cold Hands and Feet
One of the functions of zinc is warming our body. When you lack of zinc, the bloodstream doesn’t flow well which cause your hands and feet cold.

Tips to Wear High Sexy High Heels All Day without Pain

High heels are like a simple thing which can make the ladies look chic and more perfect. However, wearing sexy high heels all day long has been proven to bring more hazards to us. The most palpable effect is the pain in our knees and legs. Here are some tips which you can practice to avoid the pain of wearing high heels all day long.Tips to Wear High Sexy High Heels All Day without Pain

  • As we are different from one and other. The first advice is to pick the shoes with the heels which are suitable to your height and weight. This is to avoid having too much burden to your feet when wearing high heels.
  • Stand and walk with the upright posture. It minimizes the risk of getting pain after standing too long because the feet will work less hard supporting the right posture.
  • Never buy high heels before trying it first! Your comfort is the top priority, so don’t ever just by high heels by seeing the model and design only and putting the comfort aside.
  • Before you wear high heels, try to immerse your feet for a while in the cold water. After that, take it off and rub some lotion to the damp feet. The lotion will keep your feet moist and away from ache.
  • Gently massage your calves to the feet so your leg get relaxed after working hard for a day. Do that every night before you go to sleep.

Why do you need a Facial Therapy?

Our skin is obviously one of the most important factors to enhance our appearance. We all know that each skin type is different. For that reason, the treatment for this each should also be different. One of the ways to take care of our skin is by doing facial therapy. This treatment is absolutely delicate; however, this particular treatment needs proper measurement to maintain skin’s smooth and glowing.Why do you need a Facial Therapy?

There are some benefits from taking facial therapy. Relaxation is obviously the first benefit you will get after taking this therapy. This treatment also provides you deep cleansing from the pores. It helps our skin to breathe and renew the dead cells.

Facial therapy is also perfect to remove blockage and improve the blood circulation in our body. Eventually, you will have glowing and fresh skin. To reach the ultimate result, you can do this therapy regularly; ever 2 to 4 weeks depend on the type of your skin. Many people also have proven that this therapy helps them to prevent aging and reduce wrinkles around the eyes. The best part of this therapy is even if you have not done it for a whole year; you will still have glowing skin. Facial therapy is indeed the best treatment to keep your skin healthy.

What to do to get Rid of Dandruff?

Dandruff is super annoying; it is a condition when some flake skins appear in the scalp. This condition is triggered by the renewal of skin cells. It is when the dead skins are pushed out from the scalp. People with dandruff issue tend to have confidence issue. Dandruff is obvious and itchy, sometimes many people cannot hide it or even deny it since they may have to scratch their heads and clean their shoulders constantly. For those reasons, there are several natural dandruff treatments you need to know.What to do to get Rid of Dandruff?

These dandruff treatments will help you fight dandruff. First is by using lemon. Apparently, lemon juice can balance the pH level of your hair. Lemon also contains antibacterial that will help people to clean chemicals or leftover shampoo. The next one is egg whites. It is such an amazing antimicrobial. Egg white provides you protein and lysozyme which can protect you from getting dandruff issue.

Coconut oil is rich and famous for its fatty acids. These particular acids consist of lauric acid, caprylic acid, as well as capric acid. These acids kill virus and fight yeast that can cause dandruff.

Another tip as a part of dandruff treatments is by using camphor. This unique ingredient is commonly used by people to reduce dandruff. Overall, sometimes we cannot avoid dandruff issue; therefore, you must always prepare these ingredients at home.

Natural Treatments for Cough

The weather can bring many kinds of diseases or sickness like fever, cold, virus infection, and in this case, cough. Coughing can be troublesome; it may affect your everyday life easily. It happens due to the infection of bacteria. Getting cough can also hurt your throat and chest. However, taking medicine may not always be safe since it contains a lot of chemical ingredients. For that reason, there are several natural ingredients that you can use for cough treatments at home.Natural Treatments for Cough

For cough treatment, you can consume garlic, onion, ginger, lemon, turmeric, and honey. You can mix these ingredients in the foods that you are making like soup or salad. You can also mix your drinks with lemon, honey and ginger. These ingredients are very helpful to help soothe your sore throat and stomachache due to heavy cough.

Additionally, turmeric is a powerful herb to overcome and cure cough as well as cold. Put this herb in boiling water with some black pepper or honey. You can have this drink everyday in order to get the best result. Perhaps the best time to have this drink is in the morning after you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. The best cough treatment should be done naturally for the sake of your health in the future.

Foods to help you Prevent Cold

Are you not feeling well these days? Perhaps the weather has infected your respiratory track. This is one of the symptoms of cold. There are several foods that you can consume as cold prevention. When you are catching cold, your throat will be scratchy, you will also suffer stuffed nose, and you do not have any appetite at all. The foods you are consuming will give you fuel and energy to conduct all the activities you must do each and every day. Here are several foods that you can have to avoid getting cold.Foods to help you Prevent Cold

The first cold prevention food is garlic. Despite its horrible smells, garlic brings great benefits to our body since it will boost your immune system. This particular ingredient contains allicin, which is a perfect antibacterial and antimicrobial. For that reason, garlic will also kill some of the infections, bacteria, and even virus that you may have. Sweet potatoes energize your body and keep the sugar level in your blood steady. It also contains vitamin A and mucosal surfaces to prevent infection and disease.

Kale provides you vitamin C, which is great for immune system. The last food for cold prevention is chicken noodle soup. This soup will soothe sore throat and overcome the fever. Overall, it is better to prevent than to cure.

Get Health Benefits from Citronella Oil

Are you familiar with citronella oil? This oil is one of the most common essential oils and it is usually used for commercial products as well as aromatherapy. Many people are using this oil since it is famous as prevention for mosquito or deodorant. However, not many people are familiar to the benefits of citronella oil for kids.Get Health Benefits from Citronella Oil

So far, there are 4 benefits of citronella oil for kids. The first and the second one are similar to the common benefits like mosquito repellent and deodorant. This oil smells like lemony citrus; therefore, mosquito hates it. The repellent products include bands, lotion, gels, patches, vaporizers, and even candles. Meanwhile, to avoid body odor, parents can drop citronella oil in the children’s bathing water. This natural deodorant is which is completely safe because it is free from chemical laden.

The third benefit is for antiseptic. It works as antiseptic which can prevent any kind of infection. Parents can use a couple drops of citronella oil in the water which is used to clean wounds. Probably, the one of the best parts of using citronella oil for kids is when you can elevate your children’s mood. The smell keeps the children active and alert all day long. Citronella oil has many benefits; moreover, fo your kids.

Five At Home Dangerous Toxics You are Exposed To

Don’t you think that your house is toxic free. There are at least five toxics at home you are exposed every day.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)

It is the industrial chemical that is actually has been banned in the United States. PCB is very dangerous carcinogen that increases the risk of cancer and affects kids’ brain development. Ironically, all farm raised salmon contain high PCB levels.

Disinfection byproducts (DBP)Disinfection byproducts (DBP)

DBP such as chloroform and fluoride are responsible to reproductive damage, dizziness, fatigue, and even cancer. Unfortunately, tap water has high DBP content.


Almost all vegetables and fruits have been exposed to pesticide. It is suggested for you to wash the vegetables and fruits with flowing water several times. For the best solution, it is suggested for you buy only organic vegetables and fruits.

Antimony and formaldehydeAntimony and formaldehyde

These chemicals have been banned in Canada and Europe, unfortunately several states in the US most mattresses still contain antimony and formaldehyde. These chemicals responsible to reproductive damage, thyroid problems, and the decreasing sperm.

Formaldehyde clothingFormaldehyde clothing

Some clothing that is made of rayon, blended cotton, wrinkled resistant, and corduroy may contain formaldehyde. The formaldehyde is dangerously carcinogenic and increase cancer not only on human, but also pets. Always wash your new clothes to reduce the toxics at home you may get exposed.