Common Causes of Male Infertility Problems and Symptoms to Watch Out For

Nowadays, female and male infertility problems become a problem that interfere couples who really want to have a baby. Some people may think that making a baby is such an easy yet simple thing to do. But, for some couples it could be very difficult to conjure up. The fertility of a man commonly relies on the quality and quantity of his sperm. The infertility of a man is generally diagnosed after examining both partners.Common Causes of Male Infertility Problems and Symptoms to Watch Out For

How common is it?

Infertility is a pervasive problem. It’s estimated that men who have infertility problems is caused by the low amount of sperms they ejaculate.

The symptoms to watch out for

In many cases, there are no obvious symptoms of male infertility. Ejaculation, erections and sexual intercourse usually happen without any difficulty. Furthermore, the appearance and the quantity of ejaculated sperms commonly look normal. Medical test will be needed to figure out whether a man is infertile or not.

Causes of male infertility

The infertility among men is generally caused by either sperm transport or sperm production. The doctor can figure out the cause of male infertility through medical test. Other less common causes of male infertility may include low levels of hormone, sperm antibodies and sexual problems when having intercourse with female.

MSG For Health: Is It Bad or Good as it’s made Out to Be?

MSG for health has been a controversy since decade. Some people claim that MSG can cause some diseases like headache, brain damage or even asthma. On the other hand, some people also claim that MSG is normally safe.MSG For Health: Is It Bad or Good as it’s made Out to Be?

What is MSG?

MSG is the other name of Monosodium Glutamate. It is considered as food additive which is generally used to enhance flavor. It is a derivative of glutamic acid that is considered as the most plentiful amino acids ever. Moreover, glutamate is non-essential of amino acids that have an assortment of functions within the human body and can virtually be found in any kinds of foods.

Why people think that it’s harmful?

For your information, the glutamate is the neurotransmitter within your brain. It means that it works to excite the nerve cells to convey its signal. Some people claimed that MSG led to excessive nerve cells stimulation and excessive glutamate within the brain. The large doses of MSG can also cause the increasing of blood levels.

MSG syndrome

There are some people who are really sensitive to MSG. this condition is well known as Chinese restaurant syndrome. The symptoms are including weakness, flushing, muscle tightness and headache. Overall, MSG for health will do nothing if it is consumed in normal dose in a day.

Shocking Facts about Wi-Fi Danger On Your Health

Wi-Fi danger has been talked since few years ago as the connection can lead to some health problems. Wi-Fi can actually negatively affect your overall brain and health, especially in kids. Moreover, there are also some facts you probably didn’t know before. Scroll down to find out more!Shocking Facts about Wi-Fi Danger On Your Health

Contribute to insomnia development

It’s been considered that sleeping near a cell phone with Wi-Fi signals can cause a chronic sleep problem as the Wi-Fi constant bombardments pollution is interfering with sleep patterns. In many cases, sleep deprivation is just the beginning of bigger problems. The hypertension and depression development have also been associated to insufficient sleep.

Derailing brain function

Some people have noticed that Wi-Fi caused some problems due to the radiation impact. Person who is exposed with Wi-Fi radiation will have some areas of reduced activity in their brain.

Neutralizing sperm

Since heat can kill sperm, so it is with Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi frequencies exposure can reduce the movement of sperm as well as causing fragmentation on the DNA. Hence, Wi-Fi affects the sperm negatively.

Impact fertility

As you know, Wi-Fi is also affecting the production of sperm on male. Furthermore, Wi-Fi is also considered have a negative impact on egg implantation. Wi-Fi danger can also increase the levels of oxidative stress that can damage cellular and the structure of DNA that will lead to fertility and abnormal pregnancy.

Foods to Avoid When You Are Suffering Diarrhea

When you are suffering diarrhea, it is important to know what foods you should avoid to prevent worse condition. On the other hand, you should also know what foods you should consume, too. Avoid eating food that possibly can increase your GI system or even speeding the contraction of intestinal that will lead to more depression. Here are the foods you should stay away from until your system snuggles down.Foods to Avoid When You Are Suffering Diarrhea

Sugar-free foods

Foods with artificial sweetener can actually have a laxative effect that will directly contribute to bloating and gas. It would be best to avoid some sugar-free foods such as sugar-free gum, diet soda, sugar-free candy, or coffee and tea with sugar substitute packets.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods will increase the intestinal contraction that will make your diarrhea getting worse. To clam it down, avoid some fatty foods like fast food, greasy food, creamy food, foods covered in gravy and fatty cuts of meat.

Dairy products

Even though you are not suffering lactose intolerance, it would be so much better to avoid consuming dairy products such as ice cream, butter, milk and cheese when you are having diarrhea. Diarrhea will cause the enzyme lactase lessening amount as well.

Gas-producing foods

You should also avoid some foods that can increase the intestinal contraction which can cause worse diarrhea. Avoid consuming some gas-producing foods like broccoli, beans, onions, cauliflower and cabbage until your diarrhea condition better.

Are You Having Sore Throat? These Causes Symptoms Of Pain In Your Neck

Sore throat is pain ever experienced by many people. This pain is a pain in the shoulders and neck. There are various causes of this pain. The main cause of neck pain is calcification. There are also other causes such as nerve constriction or neck position is wrong. Here are some symptoms that cause pain in the neck:Are You Having Sore Throat? These Causes Symptoms Of Pain In Your Neck

  • Cervical discus

Discus located in the neck can cause neck pain. This pain will spread to the arms and shoulders. Vertebrae can become narrowed and make hands numb and weak.

  • Headache

It is certainly associated with neck pain. This pain can arise constantly and make the patient woke up. The pain can be sharp and lasted for several hours.

  • Myofascial pain symptoms

These symptoms can be triggered due to stress. These symptoms can be cured with a massage or acupressure in a certain time.

  • Fibromyalgia

This is the muscle pain that commonly occur in the waist, buttocks, shoulders, neck and limbs. This pain can cause fatigue, psychological distress and abdominal pain. Patients may experience stiff joints.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

This is a systemic disorder involving the feet, hands, and neck pain.

  • Effects of stress

If someone rushing to meet a deadline specified, then unconsciously would tighten the neck muscles and joints of the neck will be depressed. Research has shown that stress can reduce a person’s breathing by reducing oxygen in certain muscles.

Are You Insomnia? Do This Simple Thing to Get A Deep Sleep

The energy that is up to the move to make your stamina decreases and must be restored again. Restore energy and stamina to do with sleep. Sleep can increase productivity and make the body systems functioning properly. Good night’s sleep does not only depend on the time of sleep, but there are several other factors that can make you into a deep sleep as follows:Are You Insomnia? Do This Simple Thing to Get A Deep Sleep

  • Soaking in hot water

You can relax in the warm water so the body becomes fresher. The body needs time to rest. Bath with warm water may make drowsiness come sooner.

  • The lights

Bright light will make your eyes tired. Turn off the lights or use irradiation was dim so that our eyes also rested.

  • Avoid loud noises

The bedroom is a place to rest. Avoid distractions in the form of sound so that you become a qualified sleep.

  • Warm blanket

Adjust the temperature in your room. If the temperature in your room cooler, use a blanket so that the body becomes warm. Choose fabric blankets are soft and comfortable for your skin.

  • Pillow

Choose a soft pillow with the type and shape according to your head and neck in order not to cause pain when sleeping.

Easy Steps to Brighten The Skin of The Neck Using A Lemon

Sometimes neck skin is darker than the skin of the body and face. Face and neck skin can be different. For women it will interfere with performance. You can clean the neck on a regular basis so that the neck skin to remain bright. You can also use natural treatments of lemon. Lemon contains citric acid that can lighten skin color. The use of lemon can be blended with other materials have better benefits.Easy Steps to Brighten The Skin of The Neck Using A Lemon

  • Water roses and lemon
    Prepare one tablespoon rose water and lemon juice. Stir all ingredients until blended. Rub on the neck evenly. Leave overnight and wash off in the morning. This method can be used for all skin types.
  • Honey and lemon
    Mix honey with lemon until evenly distributed. Rub on your neck. Let stand for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash your neck using warm water. This method can brighten neck if done regularly.
  • Turmeric powder and lemon
    Mix turmeric powder and lemon. Rub and massage gently on your neck. Let stand about 10 minutes and wash using warm water.
  • Tomato and lemon
    Add the lemon juice and freshly crushed tomatoes. Rub on the neck for 30-35 minutes. Do it twice a day in order to get maximum results.

The Things that You Should Not Do on Oily and Acne Skin

Some people complain because they have oily skin. Oily skin does interfere with performance. Oily skin is also prone to acne. But the growing problem of oily skin can be reduced by washing the face properly. Here are the things that should not be done on oily skin:The Things that You Should Not Do on Oily and Acne Skin

  • Do not squeeze pimples. When you have oily skin and acne, and then do not ever squeeze your acne. Dirty hands will make your acne condition worse and cause your skin to become irritated.
  • Do not use oil facial cleanser with ingredients. Use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid with water ingredients that your skin soft.
  • Do not forget to use a moisturizer. If someone said that acne prone skin does not need moisturizer then it is wrong. Oily skin still needs moisturizer but choose oil-free or made from serum and gel.
  • Do not wash your face often. The face washed too often can irritate and be damaged. Wash your face three times a day using oil absorbent paper. You can use a facial cleanser with Salicylic Acid ingredients and products labeled Non-Comedogenic. Use cleansing milk with a circular motion then use a toner so that your face can look more fresh and clean.

Shocking! Beauty Products Can Make Your Acne Becomes More Serious

Acne is an accumulation of oil under the skin and clogged by dirt. Acne is a problem experienced by almost everyone in this world. For individuals with acne sure they never wear a wide range of products to remove acne. Even some people have acne problems that are very difficult to overcome. It turned out that beauty products can actually cause acne worse. Shocking! Beauty Products Can Make Your Acne Becomes More Serious

This is due to your acne coated by acne treatment products that do not match your skin type. Acne is closed by the surface beauty products make acne cannot be lost. Weak and pus will come out of the acne to be clogged by the product. Finally the healing process of acne becomes impaired. Dead skin cells also accumulate and cause other problems such as dull skin. Do not be surprised if your acne does not disappear because of the beauty products.

We recommend that you allow time for acne, so you can take care of them naturally. Do not use acne treatment products when you still inflamed. Natural mask made from fruit, chocolate, honey, coffee and other natural ingredients will make your acne can be cured without being exposed to the side effects of chemicals on the skin beauty products. Do not be tempted by the promise of beauty products seller who say that acne can be gone in an instant because of the healing process of acne requires.

5 Common Symptoms when The Acid Levels Increased in Your Body

When the body experiences increased levels of acid then there are some reactions in the body. Increased acid levels caused by excessive things happen such as exercise done to excess or some of the things that caused by certain diseases. The condition of the body will undergo certain changes when acid levels in the body increases. Here are some of the reactions of the body due to increased acid levels:5 Common Symptoms when The Acid Levels Increased in Your Body

1. Arise bone pain

When the acid levels already exceed the normal limits, then the bone will be weakened or impaired due to calcium in the bones covered with acid levels. To overcome this you should consume minerals in greater numbers.

2. Tiredness

Increased acid levels make the microorganisms that exist in the body of the breed. This causes the immune system decreases and your body will be tired all day.

3. Overweight

Excessive levels of acid will make the weight increases because acid will accumulate in the fatty tissues of the body.

4. Skin problems

Excessive acid makes skin breakouts and rashes.

5. Teething problems

Acid levels are too high to make calcium levels depleted so that the teeth will be damaged because of the acid that accumulates in your body.