Natural Treatments for Cough

The weather can bring many kinds of diseases or sickness like fever, cold, virus infection, and in this case, cough. Coughing can be troublesome; it may affect your everyday life easily. It happens due to the infection of bacteria. Getting cough can also hurt your throat and chest. However, taking medicine may not always be safe since it contains a lot of chemical ingredients. For that reason, there are several natural ingredients that you can use for cough treatments at home.Natural Treatments for Cough

For cough treatment, you can consume garlic, onion, ginger, lemon, turmeric, and honey. You can mix these ingredients in the foods that you are making like soup or salad. You can also mix your drinks with lemon, honey and ginger. These ingredients are very helpful to help soothe your sore throat and stomachache due to heavy cough.

Additionally, turmeric is a powerful herb to overcome and cure cough as well as cold. Put this herb in boiling water with some black pepper or honey. You can have this drink everyday in order to get the best result. Perhaps the best time to have this drink is in the morning after you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. The best cough treatment should be done naturally for the sake of your health in the future.

Foods to help you Prevent Cold

Are you not feeling well these days? Perhaps the weather has infected your respiratory track. This is one of the symptoms of cold. There are several foods that you can consume as cold prevention. When you are catching cold, your throat will be scratchy, you will also suffer stuffed nose, and you do not have any appetite at all. The foods you are consuming will give you fuel and energy to conduct all the activities you must do each and every day. Here are several foods that you can have to avoid getting cold.Foods to help you Prevent Cold

The first cold prevention food is garlic. Despite its horrible smells, garlic brings great benefits to our body since it will boost your immune system. This particular ingredient contains allicin, which is a perfect antibacterial and antimicrobial. For that reason, garlic will also kill some of the infections, bacteria, and even virus that you may have. Sweet potatoes energize your body and keep the sugar level in your blood steady. It also contains vitamin A and mucosal surfaces to prevent infection and disease.

Kale provides you vitamin C, which is great for immune system. The last food for cold prevention is chicken noodle soup. This soup will soothe sore throat and overcome the fever. Overall, it is better to prevent than to cure.

Get Health Benefits from Citronella Oil

Are you familiar with citronella oil? This oil is one of the most common essential oils and it is usually used for commercial products as well as aromatherapy. Many people are using this oil since it is famous as prevention for mosquito or deodorant. However, not many people are familiar to the benefits of citronella oil for kids.Get Health Benefits from Citronella Oil

So far, there are 4 benefits of citronella oil for kids. The first and the second one are similar to the common benefits like mosquito repellent and deodorant. This oil smells like lemony citrus; therefore, mosquito hates it. The repellent products include bands, lotion, gels, patches, vaporizers, and even candles. Meanwhile, to avoid body odor, parents can drop citronella oil in the children’s bathing water. This natural deodorant is which is completely safe because it is free from chemical laden.

The third benefit is for antiseptic. It works as antiseptic which can prevent any kind of infection. Parents can use a couple drops of citronella oil in the water which is used to clean wounds. Probably, the one of the best parts of using citronella oil for kids is when you can elevate your children’s mood. The smell keeps the children active and alert all day long. Citronella oil has many benefits; moreover, fo your kids.

Five At Home Dangerous Toxics You are Exposed To

Don’t you think that your house is toxic free. There are at least five toxics at home you are exposed every day.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)

It is the industrial chemical that is actually has been banned in the United States. PCB is very dangerous carcinogen that increases the risk of cancer and affects kids’ brain development. Ironically, all farm raised salmon contain high PCB levels.

Disinfection byproducts (DBP)Disinfection byproducts (DBP)

DBP such as chloroform and fluoride are responsible to reproductive damage, dizziness, fatigue, and even cancer. Unfortunately, tap water has high DBP content.


Almost all vegetables and fruits have been exposed to pesticide. It is suggested for you to wash the vegetables and fruits with flowing water several times. For the best solution, it is suggested for you buy only organic vegetables and fruits.

Antimony and formaldehydeAntimony and formaldehyde

These chemicals have been banned in Canada and Europe, unfortunately several states in the US most mattresses still contain antimony and formaldehyde. These chemicals responsible to reproductive damage, thyroid problems, and the decreasing sperm.

Formaldehyde clothingFormaldehyde clothing

Some clothing that is made of rayon, blended cotton, wrinkled resistant, and corduroy may contain formaldehyde. The formaldehyde is dangerously carcinogenic and increase cancer not only on human, but also pets. Always wash your new clothes to reduce the toxics at home you may get exposed.

Three Reasons Why Sleeping in the Dark Gets You Healthier

Not all people would love to sleep in the dark. But, they may start enjoying sleeping in the dark after knowing these following three reasons why sleeping in the dark gets you more sleeping in the dark benefits.

Your body release more melatonin while you are sleeping in the dark. Melatonin is hormone that is produced by the pineal gland of the brain. It is produced well when you are not exposed to the light. Melatonin responsible to prevent some diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer. Enough melatonin production will also gets you better sleep quality. It is the best way to say goodbye to fatigue.Three Reasons Why Sleeping in the Dark Gets You Healthier

Sleeping in the dark will also get your eyes a total break. Your eyes will automatically respond to the light, even when you are sleeping. Therefore, sleeping in the dark will give your eyes a perfect break. It will keep your eyes healthier.

Indoor lighting affects your health more than you know. Indoor lighting such as lights and LED elevates the cortisol level in your body. It will affect your overall metabolism that makes it easier for you to get fat. It will also reduce the production of insulin. It can be a serious problem for you who has glucose high level problem. Just turn off the lights to get more sleeping in the dark benefits.

Three Kind of Antioxidants from Green Tea that Effectively Prevent Cancer

People always believe that green tea has great antioxidant content to prevent cancer. It is true that green tea to prevent cancer is not just rumors. But, what kind of antioxidant that makes green tea better than black tea to prevent cancer?

1. Green tea polyphenolThree Kind of Antioxidants from Green Tea that Effectively Prevent Cancer

All kind of teas actually have polyphenol that is able to clean free radical in our body. However, green tea has higher polyphenol that the other tea. It equals to drink four cups of black tea when you drink a cup of green tea in a day.

2. Catechin content

Most people think that catechin is similar to polyphenol, in fact it is one kind of polyphenols. It is only green tea that has catechin. The catechin will fight carbon effectively, especially if you like eating grilled food and barbecuing.

3. The epigallocatechin 3 gallate (EGCG)

EGCG is the highest antioxidant content in green tea. It is about 50 – 75% of the total nutrition content of the tea. EGCG is a dangerous toxic for any cancer cell. It will actively kill the cancer cell. However, EGCG is really strong. It can kill not only the cancer cell, but also the damaged cell. Therefore, patients with certain cancers such as patient with thyroid cancer are forbid to consume green tea. It is green tea to prevent cancer, not to fight cancer.

Five Signs Indicate that You Are Having a Heart Attack

With poor lifestyle and diet, there are more younger people are having a heart attack. A heart attack is natural ways to tell you to keep it slow and get on better lifestyle and diet. You must know there are at least five signs of having a heart attack.

  • Extreme fatigueFive Signs Indicate that You Are Having a Heart Attack

In days or even a week before having a heart attack 70% people will feel extreme fatigue. They will feel very exhausted without exact reasons.

  • Mild pain

Do not just think that people will only feel pain the chest when they are having a heart attack. Most people, especially women will likely to feel mild pain in their back, neck, jaws, and shoulder several days before the heart attack actually coming.

  • Breathlessness

58% people will have short and heavy breath two or three days before the heart attack coming. It is caused by the heart that works so hard and affect your lungs.

  • Sleepless nights

When you cannot sleep at night and you feel chill around the neck, you must really get yourself checked. It is the sign of heart attack, especially if you experience the sleepless night every day in a week.

  • Profuse sweating

If you feel suddenly drenched in perspiration without any clear reason, you definitely have to go to the hospital. It can be one of the signs of having a heart attack. It can be late if you wait for your skin getting pale. You may feel the pain in several hours after the profuse sweating.

What Acnes Tell You About Your Health? It Indicates Some Health Issues

Acne problem can be one of the most annoying skin problem. Although it is not dangerous, acnes affect your performance. You should also know that your skin tells you some health issue. Acnes and health have great correlation. You have to get yourself checked when you get acnes even you have passed your puberty ages.What Acnes Tell You About Your Health? It Indicates Some Health Issues

The most common health issue that cause acnes to appear both on your face or your body, usually back, is skin health issue. The acnes appear due to the abnormal oil production that blocks the pore and keep the bacteria to grow. It is not dangerous, but can be a serious problem when you got too much acnes.

Another common health issue that indicates by acnes is hormonal issue. The unbalance hormone may also cause not only acnes, but also affect your mood and your immune system. It can be a big problem if you feel like in everyday pre menstruation syndrome.

The last health issue that also triggers acnes to appear is lack of nutrition. Most people thought that it is hormonal or skin problem, in fact they just do not get enough zinc and vitamin C. To know your condition and the correlation between your acnes and health, you have to get your skin checked. The dermatologist will usually give you high zinc and vitamin C pills for several days.

Shocking Health Benefits of Spicy Food You Must Know

Most people eat spicy food for the taste. In fact, there are several shocking health spicy food facts you must know.

It keeps you skinny

Just eat spicy dish at least three times a week. The spicy taste that is produced by capsaicin is able to increase your body metabolism up to 8%. It help burning fat faster than you ever thought.

It prevent cancerShocking Health Benefits of Spicy Food You Must Know

Most of spicy food is cooked with various kind ingredients such turmeric and other spices. The spices gets your body active antioxidant and curcumin that are very effective to kill cancer cell and to prevent cancer, especially prostate cancer.

It keeps your heart healthy

The active ingredient that causes spicy taste in cayenne pepper, red chili pepper, and jalapenos will keep your heart healthy. According to the American Chemical Society, capsaicin reduces cholesterol level. It also increase the blood flow in the vessels.

It prevents oral ulceration

Some people think that spicy food is the cause of oral ulceration. In fact, spicy ingredients such as pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, and jalapenos has very high vitamin C that comes with its capsaicin. Eating spicy food will get you extra vitamin C. It can prevent oral ulceration effectively, especially when you also drink a lot of water to proof the health spicy food facts.

Five Super Food to Get You More Energy in the Morning

The nutritionist, Mitzi Dulan, RD explains that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a good breakfast will get you more energy and help you adjust your diet. There are at least five super food for breakfast.

Brown riceFive Super Food to Get You More Energy in the Morning

Brown rice is healthier than any other kind of rice. It has complex carb, high vitamin B content, and fiber. Brown rice will keep you full for more hours. It is good for your diet as well as your health.

Boiled eggsFive Super Food to Get You More Energy in the Morning 1

You always need extra protein. Don’t worry if you have no time to prepare great protein supply. Just boiled one or two eggs for breakfast. The eggs will get you enough protein, healthy fat, vitamin B, and even calcium.

BananaFive Super Food to Get You More Energy in the Morning 2

You can also have banana for breakfast. Banana has enough fiber, carbohydrate, vitamin B, and potassium. To fulfill your protein needs, you can drink a glass of fresh milk without sugar.

Whole grain foodFive Super Food to Get You More Energy in the Morning 3

If you cannot stay away from bread, you can just replace all white bread with whole grain products or wheat bread. The wheat and whole grain products gets you enough fiber, vitamin B, complex carbohydrate, and even vitamin E.

FishFive Super Food to Get You More Energy in the Morning 4

Have at least two fish dish in a week and it will be better for breakfast. Fish has high protein, mineral, and calcium. It keeps you energetic the whole day. It is indeed the super food for breakfast.