Avoid These If You Want to Keep Your Boobs Healthy

For women, boobs may be one of the best parts of their body which they believe will be able to support their appearance. This assurance allure some women to try many things to beautify their boobs, from using masker which can smoothen and brighten it to injecting silicon to add up the size. However, even the least efforts we can possibly do to our boobs possess the danger to our health. Here are the simple things we should avoid to keep the health of our boobs.
Avoid These If You Want to Keep Your Boobs Healthy
1. Boobs Botox
Botox is used so someone get tight and beautiful boobs. Too bad that botox can be risky for the boobs health and beauty as well. Injecting botox over and over again can only raise the risk of getting breast cancer as it allows blood clod in the area around them.

2. Waxing Breast Hair
The next thing you should avoid is having breast hair wax or simply taking the hair in your hair off. According to experts, this can cause irritation, blotch and even suppuration.

3. Putting Plaster on the Nipple
Putting plaster on the nipple is one of the way which is done by someone who doesn’t like to wear bra but still want to look cool and impressive. This way of hiding the nipples is actually very dangerous. Plaster can cause irritation and even scar, considering that breast is the most sensitive skin in our body.

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