Foods to help you Prevent Cold

Are you not feeling well these days? Perhaps the weather has infected your respiratory track. This is one of the symptoms of cold. There are several foods that you can consume as cold prevention. When you are catching cold, your throat will be scratchy, you will also suffer stuffed nose, and you do not have any appetite at all. The foods you are consuming will give you fuel and energy to conduct all the activities you must do each and every day. Here are several foods that you can have to avoid getting cold.Foods to help you Prevent Cold

The first cold prevention food is garlic. Despite its horrible smells, garlic brings great benefits to our body since it will boost your immune system. This particular ingredient contains allicin, which is a perfect antibacterial and antimicrobial. For that reason, garlic will also kill some of the infections, bacteria, and even virus that you may have. Sweet potatoes energize your body and keep the sugar level in your blood steady. It also contains vitamin A and mucosal surfaces to prevent infection and disease.

Kale provides you vitamin C, which is great for immune system. The last food for cold prevention is chicken noodle soup. This soup will soothe sore throat and overcome the fever. Overall, it is better to prevent than to cure.

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