These Are 4 Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

Sometimes we are clueless how we suddenly have a bad breath. All we know is that when it comes out of the blue, it can make our confidence crumbles down, no matter how eloquent our look is. Bad breath can be triggered by several causes, and it can even be come out as a sign that someone has been suffering from certain disease. At least here are 4 reasons why your breath can smell so bad.These Are 4 Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

1. Dirty Mouth
90% of bad breathe cases are caused by dirty mouth. The smell is by then comes from the germs and bacteria which stuck in the mouth. It can be a warn as well that you don’t brush and clean your moth well.

2. Unhealthy Mouth
When your mouth is unwell, it provides a favorable place for germs and bacteria to grow well. These bacteria can cause decay in he mouth so it smells exceptionally awful.

3. Consuming Something Smelly
The next reason why you may have bad breath is that you recently eat or drink something which has strong smell. Garlic, Shallots, durian, and milk are among the examples of foods and beverage which can trigger bad breath.

4. Lack of Carbohydrate
When you lack of carbohydrate, your body will use fats as the fuel of metabolism system. The burning fats can produce the strongly terrible smell which comes out from sweat and also breathe.

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