Three Kind of Antioxidants from Green Tea that Effectively Prevent Cancer

People always believe that green tea has great antioxidant content to prevent cancer. It is true that green tea to prevent cancer is not just rumors. But, what kind of antioxidant that makes green tea better than black tea to prevent cancer?

1. Green tea polyphenolThree Kind of Antioxidants from Green Tea that Effectively Prevent Cancer

All kind of teas actually have polyphenol that is able to clean free radical in our body. However, green tea has higher polyphenol that the other tea. It equals to drink four cups of black tea when you drink a cup of green tea in a day.

2. Catechin content

Most people think that catechin is similar to polyphenol, in fact it is one kind of polyphenols. It is only green tea that has catechin. The catechin will fight carbon effectively, especially if you like eating grilled food and barbecuing.

3. The epigallocatechin 3 gallate (EGCG)

EGCG is the highest antioxidant content in green tea. It is about 50 – 75% of the total nutrition content of the tea. EGCG is a dangerous toxic for any cancer cell. It will actively kill the cancer cell. However, EGCG is really strong. It can kill not only the cancer cell, but also the damaged cell. Therefore, patients with certain cancers such as patient with thyroid cancer are forbid to consume green tea. It is green tea to prevent cancer, not to fight cancer.

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