Three Reasons Why Sleeping in the Dark Gets You Healthier

Not all people would love to sleep in the dark. But, they may start enjoying sleeping in the dark after knowing these following three reasons why sleeping in the dark gets you more sleeping in the dark benefits.

Your body release more melatonin while you are sleeping in the dark. Melatonin is hormone that is produced by the pineal gland of the brain. It is produced well when you are not exposed to the light. Melatonin responsible to prevent some diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer. Enough melatonin production will also gets you better sleep quality. It is the best way to say goodbye to fatigue.Three Reasons Why Sleeping in the Dark Gets You Healthier

Sleeping in the dark will also get your eyes a total break. Your eyes will automatically respond to the light, even when you are sleeping. Therefore, sleeping in the dark will give your eyes a perfect break. It will keep your eyes healthier.

Indoor lighting affects your health more than you know. Indoor lighting such as lights and LED elevates the cortisol level in your body. It will affect your overall metabolism that makes it easier for you to get fat. It will also reduce the production of insulin. It can be a serious problem for you who has glucose high level problem. Just turn off the lights to get more sleeping in the dark benefits.

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