Tips to Wear High Sexy High Heels All Day without Pain

High heels are like a simple thing which can make the ladies look chic and more perfect. However, wearing sexy high heels all day long has been proven to bring more hazards to us. The most palpable effect is the pain in our knees and legs. Here are some tips which you can practice to avoid the pain of wearing high heels all day long.Tips to Wear High Sexy High Heels All Day without Pain

  • As we are different from one and other. The first advice is to pick the shoes with the heels which are suitable to your height and weight. This is to avoid having too much burden to your feet when wearing high heels.
  • Stand and walk with the upright posture. It minimizes the risk of getting pain after standing too long because the feet will work less hard supporting the right posture.
  • Never buy high heels before trying it first! Your comfort is the top priority, so don’t ever just by high heels by seeing the model and design only and putting the comfort aside.
  • Before you wear high heels, try to immerse your feet for a while in the cold water. After that, take it off and rub some lotion to the damp feet. The lotion will keep your feet moist and away from ache.
  • Gently massage your calves to the feet so your leg get relaxed after working hard for a day. Do that every night before you go to sleep.

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