Top 3 Best Foods to Eat during Pregnancy

Best foods during pregnancy play important part in keeping you and your baby healthy all the time. If you take the right foods, you will also get even more supply of power to give birth, not to mention decreasing health risk on your baby. Here are the best foods you must include in your menu.

EggsTop 3 Best Foods to Eat during Pregnancy

Eggs worth 90 calories only, but it has around 12 vitamins, minerals, and the most essential protein that play really important role in your pregnancy. Boil it for even healthier quality.

SalmonTop 3 Best Foods to Eat during Pregnancy 1

Salmon is not only good for you but for your baby too. It is rich of high quality protein as well as Omega 3 fats that responsible in helping your baby’s development.

BeansTop 3 Best Foods to Eat during Pregnancy 2

Beside one of sources for good protein, beans are rich of fiber which is a great pal for pregnant woman who tends to have digestion problem. It is also rich of zinc, calcium, folate, iron.

Beside rich with essential nutrients, those foods are extremely delicious. They make perfect menu even during your first trimester when you get nauseous all the time. Don’t forget to cook them well. If you want variation, the list on best foods during pregnancy can go on.

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