Unbelievable Facts about How Music Benefits Your Health

There is no single human can live without music! Music even gets your body a lot of health benefits more than you know. There are several unbelievable facts about music health benefits.

Make babies learn more about expressionUnbelievable Facts about How Music Benefits Your Health

For so long music has always been associated with babies’ intelligence. In fact, music also helps the right brain hemisphere grows better. Children who always listen to music since they were born also have their right and left brain hemisphere connected better. It helps them to express their emotion well and have better verbal skills that children who do not listen to music.

Keep your heart healthyUnbelievable Facts about How Music Benefits Your Health 1

While listening to music, your body will respond by releasing endorphin. The endorphin will gets you relax, happier, and reduce pain. That is why the blood pressure goes lower and the pulse rate gets more stable. It will keep your heart relax and stronger.

Improve immune system

Your body will also react to music by reducing hormone cortisol level. Cortisol is the hormone that is responsible to your stress level. The higher level of hormone cortisol, the more depressed you feel and the lower immune system. When you get depressed or sick, one of music health benefits is to improve your immune system faster.

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