What Acnes Tell You About Your Health? It Indicates Some Health Issues

Acne problem can be one of the most annoying skin problem. Although it is not dangerous, acnes affect your performance. You should also know that your skin tells you some health issue. Acnes and health have great correlation. You have to get yourself checked when you get acnes even you have passed your puberty ages.What Acnes Tell You About Your Health? It Indicates Some Health Issues

The most common health issue that cause acnes to appear both on your face or your body, usually back, is skin health issue. The acnes appear due to the abnormal oil production that blocks the pore and keep the bacteria to grow. It is not dangerous, but can be a serious problem when you got too much acnes.

Another common health issue that indicates by acnes is hormonal issue. The unbalance hormone may also cause not only acnes, but also affect your mood and your immune system. It can be a big problem if you feel like in everyday pre menstruation syndrome.

The last health issue that also triggers acnes to appear is lack of nutrition. Most people thought that it is hormonal or skin problem, in fact they just do not get enough zinc and vitamin C. To know your condition and the correlation between your acnes and health, you have to get your skin checked. The dermatologist will usually give you high zinc and vitamin C pills for several days.

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