3 Food that Will Help Mommy and Baby to be Healthy and Strong during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important part for the baby’s development. Both the mother and the baby need good nutrient supply to ensure the pregnancy will go smoothly and the baby will be healthy. Here are some foods for pregnancy that will make the mommy and baby always healthy and strong.


Both the baby and mommy need high protein during pregnancy and egg is the best source of it. If meat makes you feel nauseated, you can replace it with egg. Egg also contains high amino acid that will ensure your baby’s brain development.


Broccoli is high in calcium. So, you will need it especially since you need strong bones to handle the pregnancy. For the baby, broccoli contains healthy folate that will prevent neurological problem when the baby is born later.

Salmon and Walnut

Salmon and walnut are one of the best foods for pregnancy since they contain high omega 3. Omega 3 is beneficial for eye health and body development. Salmon also contains DHA that will help to develop the baby’s brain.

However, salmon, just like other sea foods, has high risk of mercury contamination. So, you can’t eat it more than twelve ounces per week. Complement it with walnut as additional source for omega 3.