5 Simple, Relaxing and Fun Activities to Sharpen Your Brain

Every human being wants to have sharp memories.

But it cannot be obtained easily.

There are exercises that should be done so that our memories are still sharp.

One of the exercises that can be done is to do a math problem but this way is very tedious.

Therefore, there is another exercise more enjoyable and can sharpen your brain to make it more sharply:

  • Physical activity

Sports are not just made a healthy body but also can improve brain memory for their neurotrophic factor related to the protein so that they can make brain can remember something.

  • Playing music

The instrument is in music can improve cognitive abilities.

Children who used to play music can increase the speed of verbal.

  • Playing video games

Maybe for some people video games are considered bad.

But according to research from the University Cleiden turns video games can improve the system of the brain and memory processes in a given piece of information.

Brain performance turned out to be better at playing the game for 30 minutes every day.

Even video games are also able to avoid senility.

  • Learning different types of languages

It turns out to learn different languages ​​can improve brain memory.

This exercise is also very pleasant.

There is also a puzzle game which can train the brain to think properly and quickly.

  • Read

Emory University found that of someone whose hobby is reading has better brain because the brain's nerve connections can lead to better memory.