7 Possible Conditions why Your Teeth Ache is other than A Cavity

Many conditions can lead into tooth pain that rather than just a cavity issues.

First condition is you get brush it too hard and then lead into gum recession.

Applying too much pressure while brushing your teeth can lead to problem and pain. Invest with soft electronic toothbrush or extra soft bristled brush.

Second reason is you already have gum infection.

Gum infection occurs when germ or bacteria enter the teeth or gum area where the body are unable to fight against bacteria.

This infection can lead to pain or swelling, pus release, or bad taste in mouth.

Gum infection can lead abscess that causes worse pain.

Next reason s tooth trauma as result for failing or hitting the teeth.

Next condition why you get teeth ache is you have severe sinus infection.

This condition especially appears in allergy and flu seasons.

The condition where you grinding or clenching teeth while sleeping can lead to tooth pain.

The chronic teeth grinding can result fracture or loose tooth.

Next condition is if you get filling or drilling to a tooth.

This can be notified with sharp teeth sensitivity when bite down into the area.

The last condition is the tooth has cracked.

If there is cracked tooth, it can cause pain when biting, chewing and drinking.