Binge Eating Disorder That Link Into Health Problem Occurs

Some of people are unaware that they are having binge eating disorders. Eat disorder is include bad eating habit and snacking. Here are some health issues that link into eating disorder.

Overweight and Obesity

The first issues that related with binger eating disorder are overweight and obesity. There about 2/3 person that have BED (binge Eating disorder) are obesity and overweight. You need to take healthy weight with take more exercise, meal portion control, and diet food option.

Type II Diabetes

Next is type II diabetes that means your body is unable to produce and use hormone insulin correctly. This makes your blood sugar level are harder to control.

Depression and anxiety

BED is able to lead depression and anxiety since it goes with mood troubles. People with BED are often try to hide their problem that can lead to depressions.

Trouble With Digestion system

People who have BED can lead to long lasting heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome that linked to digestion system.

Gallbladder Disease

There are many health problem that linked with BED such as obesity, high cholesterol, fat in your blood, and yo-yo weight gains and loss that rise the risk of health trouble linked to Gallbladder trouble.