Brain foods that will help You to Concentrate More

Brain health is important as our body health. As people are getting age, our body is get ages too. This can affect into brain healthy as it can decrease the ability for enhance your memory ability, brain function and attention span.

The good news from recent study shows that maintains healthy brain are able to do when added smart foods and drink for your diet.

Healthy Breakfast can Fuel Your Brain

Studies have finds that eating breakfast are able to improve the short term memory and attention. Food that in top list for brain fuel are list as;

  • High fiber food such as whole grains, fruits and dairy products are foods that  also fuel your belly that support our day activity.
  • Low calories food to prevent hinders concentration.

Food for Boost Brain Healthy

There are foods that able to boost your brain healthy and maintain its function.

  • Protein in fish is great brain boost since it content with rich omega 3 fatty acids. Higher-level diet with protein from fish reduces dementia risk and stroke risk. They also enhance memory level as get older. Eat fish two portion weekly for best result.
  • Blueberries are free radicals against that reduce the effect of age related such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.