Cautious! These Signs Indicate Pregnant Women Lack Of Thyroid

Pregnant women need to keep healthy and get proper nutrition for the sake of mother and baby.

There are many hormones that have important role for pregnant women, one of them is thyroid.

It is hormone that will affect the growth of the fetus.

Lack of thyroid for pregnant women will affect many things and cause many things both for the mother and fetus.

Lack of thyroid will affect the fetus and cause disability for the born baby and also some cases cause miscarriage.

How do you know that pregnant women lack of thyroid?

There are some signs that indicate it.

The first is tire.

Pregnant women who lack of thyroid will be easy to get tire and the tire is extreme tire that cannot get away just by sleeping.

And then, the skin is dry and looks unhealthy.

It is not only those two signs.

There are many signs that are extreme hair fall that cause bald, hoarseness because it also affects sound.

Sleeping problem, speaking slowly and get easy to forget, and then often feel depress are the other signs that indicates pregnant women lack of thyroid.

Therefore, when the signs come along, it will be better to consult with doctor and solve it.