Cavities Cause Terrible Diseases: Prevent With This Tips!

There are many people who are still not aware about the importance of health and hygiene of teeth and gums. According to medical research there are more people who suffer from cavities.

The Danger Of Cavities

Cavities are very serious problem because cavities can lead to more dangerous illness such as joint pain, kidney, respiratory system disorders, and heart disease. Cavities are already rotting will cause bacteria to enter the blood vessels.

The bacteria can cause inflammation and chronic diseases. Cavities can lead to stroke. Bacteria into the blood vessels can lead to high blood pressure to an artery in the brain bursts and emerged bleed.

How To Prevent Cavities

We must keep our teeth from being perforated. Teeth that have cavities would require more expensive medical costs. Always get used to brush their teeth after breakfast and before bed at night. Eat a healthy diet. Eat vegetable and fruits.

Do not forget to drink lots of water. gargle with a cleaner mouth after you brush your teeth for cleaning dirt from the rest of the food that is in between the teeth. Do not eat food that is too sweet. Check the condition of your teeth to the dentist at least 6 months.