Cleansing the Kidneys with These Super Herbs

Kidney can have small size but it is very important for the body. Kidney has responsibility for removing the toxins as well as waste from the blood. It also has function for releasing some important hormones including calcitriol, renin, and erythropoietin. The organ can cleanse itself but it is better to support the kidney cleansing process with these super herbs.


Parsley is kind of herb which has potential and natural diuretic function. It offers promotion for increasing the urine output for helping the flush of bacteria as well as germs from the kidneys. For getting this kidney cleansing support, people can drink parsley tea or just include it in their dishes.

Dandelion Root

People can get diuretic function from dandelion. It means that it can help people increase the production of urine in the body. It is not only useful for cleansing the kidneys but it is also useful for cleansing the liver. It is also useful for relieving the water retention as well as soothing irritation in the urinary system. They just need to drink dandelion tea.

Marshmallow Root

Diuretic properties can also be found in marshmallow. It is also useful for fighting the kidney and urinary tract as well as bladder infection.