Common Causes of Male Infertility Problems and Symptoms to Watch Out For

Nowadays, female and male infertility problems become a problem that interfere couples who really want to have a baby.

Some people may think that making a baby is such an easy yet simple thing to do.

But, for some couples it could be very difficult to conjure up.

The fertility of a man commonly relies on the quality and quantity of his sperm.

The infertility of a man is generally diagnosed after examining both partners.

How common is it?

Infertility is a pervasive problem.

It’s estimated that men who have infertility problems is caused by the low amount of sperms they ejaculate.

The symptoms to watch out for

In many cases, there are no obvious symptoms of male infertility.

Ejaculation, erections and sexual intercourse usually happen without any difficulty.

Furthermore, the appearance and the quantity of ejaculated sperms commonly look normal.

Medical test will be needed to figure out whether a man is infertile or not.

Causes of male infertility

The infertility among men is generally caused by either sperm transport or sperm production.

The doctor can figure out the cause of male infertility through medical test.

Other less common causes of male infertility may include low levels of hormone, sperm antibodies and sexual problems when having intercourse with female.