Curing Mouth Ulcers by Taking Benefits of Home Remedies

Mouth ulcers is type of mouth disorder which refers to any wound lies in mouth tissues. Any annoying thing about this order is that it causes painful feeling that may disturb you while eating. These are several factors that can contribute to this ulcer such as spicy food and lac of vitamin B intake. You can take benefits of these home remedies to treat the ulcer.

Hydrogen peroxide

The sore of mouth ulcer can be reduced using hydrogen peroxide. All you have to do is mixing one tablespoon of water and hydrogen peroxide in similar amount. Dip cotton bud into this mixture. Then, rub the cotton bud immediately in the area o ulcer.


Another home remedy that can be used is dentifrice. You only need to use cotton bud and dip it into the dentifrice. Smear the dentifrice in tea area of mouth which is affected by the ulcer by tipping the cotton bud on it.

Holy basal foliage

You also can use holy basal foliage to cure the sore. Gnaw five foliage of holy basal with water. Do this method at least four times in one day. This remedy helps to reduce painful feeling caused by this mouth disorder.