Diet with Too Much Protein Potential Side Effects

It is sure that there are more people who have bigger awareness about healthy lifestyle. They try to have a life which can help them maintain and enhance their health including by choosing the right diet. The main thing which people should remind about healthy diet is making sure that everything is consumed in balance.

Nevertheless, there are some people who choose high protein diet because they want to lose weight faster for instance. In fact, there can be some potential side effects if people eat too much protein in their diet.

Kidney Issues

Kidney might be stressed if people eat too much protein in their diet. It can also give contribution to the kidney issues which are pre-existing. Too much protein intake can also cause the high protein levels in urine and even kidney stone. Before people take high protein diet, people have to talk to their doctor especially if they have kidney problem before.

Low Calcium

Low calcium can be another health issue which people can find when they take too much protein in their diet. There will be acids which are released by the body when digesting protein and it will be absorbed with the calcium help. The calcium will be taken from the bones if they do not get enough from foods.