Do Not Have Time to Spas? Try These Cheap Skin Care Steps with Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds were not only beneficial to fertilize crops, but are also beneficial for body beauty. Here are the benefits of coffee grounds for your body:

  • Smooth the hair

Apply the coffee grounds to wet hair. Rinse with clean water. Coffee grounds can cleanse your hair of residual chemicals from shampoo you use. Your hair will be shinier and softer.

  • Overcoming cellulite

Make a scrub that consists of powdered coffee, wine, tinctures, extracts of seaweed, ginger extract and sea salt. Apply it on your skin. Coffee powder will increase the blood circulation of the skin so that excess water can be eliminated. Your skin will be tighter.

  • Exfoliates skin

Coffee grounds can also exfoliate dead skin so it is suitable to be used as a scrub. Mix coffee powder with olive oil.

  • Facial

You do not need to come to the spa to get a skin glistening with coffee powder can be an inexpensive face masks and make your skin healthy.

Mix coffee powder, cocoa powder, yogurt, milk, heavy cream and honey.

Apply to face and massage gently and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Masks chocolate and coffee can shrink pores and reduce oil on the face.

This mask can also moisturize your skin.