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Do You Know the Benefits of Beta Carotene for Your Skin Beauty?

Posted at May 2nd, 2018 | Categorised in Helath News

Beta carotene is one of great nutrition types that are much contained in yellow, red and orange veggies and fruits such as carrots, pumpkins as well as sweet potatoes. In fact, the nutrient also have a lot of benefits for beautifying your skin. Beta carotene inside your body will be converted into vitamin A. The vitamin will not only beneficial for the health of your eyes, but also help healing your wounds, boosting cell turnover, as well as protecting your skin against the sun damage.Do You Know the Benefits of Beta Carotene for Your Skin Beauty?

As the great benefits of beta carotene, this kind of nutrient has been widely used to complete the nutrients in skin care product. By having beta carotene as one of the nutrition fact inside the products, the users will get rid of skin problems like acnes, skin burnt, early aging signs, and also other related problems. The great benefits of this nutrition also has been used by beauty experts to create beauty products with natural ingredients and great works for skin beauty.

As the statement of Jessica Wu, MD, a Daily Glow’s dermatology expert and also an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California that beta carotene in the form of topical also brings antioxidant benefits for your skin and it also has been proven in some research that it could progress discoloration that is caused by melisma.

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