Do You Love Eating Eggs? Then Enjoy the Health Benefits Gotten from Eggs

Most people eat eggs and make it as one of their favorite menu for breakfast. The white and yolk of an egg contains kinds of nutrient such as proteins, minerals and vitamins. Some cholesterol is contained in the yolk. Besides, the yolk is also containing essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins.

Nutrition in Eggs

Eggs are the source of very high protein in high quality but inexpensive. The egg white contains vitamin B2, lower cholesterol and fat, vitamin B6, D, B12, and also kinds of minerals such as copper, iron and zinc. Meanwhile, the yolk is containing higher fat and calories. It also contains soluble fat, cholesterol, lecithin, vitamin A, D, E, and K. In some egg products some additional nutrients also contained such as omega 3.

The Answer for the Questions of Cholesterol Content in Eggs

Eggs are healthier today because it has much lower cholesterol than it was in about ten years ago. Based on the British Research, a medium egg has approximately 100 mg of cholesterol. It shows that it is recommended to consume three eggs daily in maximum because you should get maximally 300 mg of cholesterol daily. Consult your doctor if you are unsure to eat eggs for your high cholesterol.

Healthy Heart by Consuming Eggs

Eggs contain betaine and choline that will improve heart health. Choline is important to develop normal brain so it is good to consume during pregnancy and breast feeding (you should cook eggs solidly during this times). Besides, eggs also beneficial to strengthen energy, blood, enhancing kidney function and digestive system, protecting bones, and many more.