Factors that Contribute to Incontinence Nose Bleeding

The majority of people perhaps have experienced nose bleed during their life. Having a nose bleed is quite normal. It is since the small blood vessel which is located within the nose is pretty brittle so that it can easily bleed. Every now and then bleeding can happens often. It may the signs of more solemn problem. These are some factors that may trigger occasional nose bleeding.


Arid air is considered as one of the common factors which contribute to nose bleed. It most likely happens in winter when the heat is turned on and the air gets arid. This condition of air makes the membrane in the nose to be arid and sometimes breaks. The climates also can be a trigger for this health problem. For instance, the hot climate with low humidity can also cause bleeding in the nose especially for those who doing activities outside. This condition usually can be solved to installing humidifier.

Rough habits

Your habit also can result in occasional nasal bleeding. Nose-picking is one of habits which are possible breaks the sensitive blood vessel inside the nose. Besides, strong nose blowing can lead to the bleeding caused by the breakage of blood vessel in the nose.