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Find Various Fish Species under the Blue Sea

Find Various Fish Species under the Blue Sea

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Fish is one of the main sources of protein. 

How often do you eat fish? 

Do you know that you can eat the fresh fish? 

That sounds disgusting, but there is no wrong if you want to try. 

Do you know sushi? 

That is the popular food in Japan. 

The Japanese fishermen know how to enjoy the fresh marine fish they have just caught at the ocean.

The animal world under the sea is a wonderful world. 

It is great if you love diving. 

You will find various fish species under the blue sea. 

That is a very fantastic adventure. 

There are a huge number of fish with different sizes, shapes and colors. 

The deeper you dive, the more attractive swimmers you will find. 

You can say that the water world is the largest world with the largest population It is also possible to enjoy the luxury tours on the cruise while doing the fishing hobby on the deck.

The sea or ocean is the home of the marine water. 

The environment with high salinity level is their habitat. 

You can’t move them into the freshwater aquarium. 

That is why you need to provide the saltwater aquarium if you want to enjoy the beauty of the unique and colorful marine fish at home.