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Food Combining Rules for Most Advantageous Digestion

Posted at October 25th, 2016 | Categorised in Helath News

Food combining has been a matter that gained attentiveness in the last decade. It’s recognized that the human stomach is digesting food various rates as well as making use different enzymes. If you want to eliminate bloat, reduce weight, and feel good at any condition, these following tips will help you to maintain your health through food combining.

Fruit at the first of your dayFood Combining Rules for Most Advantageous Digestion

Fruit is the best food for good digestion. It also has the quickest stomach exit rate hence it should be consumed alone or first. Fruit is such an excellent snack for your body.

Do not mix starches and proteinFood Combining Rules for Most Advantageous Digestion 1

Avoid mixing starches and protein altogether since it is the worst combination of food. It’s all because your body requires an acid base in order to digest an alkaline and protein. It will lengthen the digestion time as well as causing fermentation inside your gut. It would be the best to consume non-starchy vegetables like leafy green vegetables.

Consuming fatsFood Combining Rules for Most Advantageous Digestion 2

While oils and fats are combined well with everything, they can be used in limited amounts as they are able to slow down your digestion and extremely caloric dense. You can eat fat in your food combining method at least five hours to digest an intense lunch before eating all over again.

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