Foods to Avoid When You Are Suffering Diarrhea

When you are suffering diarrhea, it is important to know what foods you should avoid to prevent worse condition.

On the other hand, you should also know what foods you should consume, too.

Avoid eating food that possibly can increase your GI system or even speeding the contraction of intestinal that will lead to more depression.

Here are the foods you should stay away from until your system snuggles down.

Sugar-free foods

Foods with artificial sweetener can actually have a laxative effect that will directly contribute to bloating and gas.

It would be best to avoid some sugar-free foods such as sugar-free gum, diet soda, sugar-free candy, or coffee and tea with sugar substitute packets.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods will increase the intestinal contraction that will make your diarrhea getting worse.

To clam it down, avoid some fatty foods like fast food, greasy food, creamy food, foods covered in gravy and fatty cuts of meat.

Dairy products

Even though you are not suffering lactose intolerance, it would be so much better to avoid consuming dairy products such as ice cream, butter, milk and cheese when you are having diarrhea.

Diarrhea will cause the enzyme lactase lessening amount as well.

Gas-producing foods

You should also avoid some foods that can increase the intestinal contraction which can cause worse diarrhea.

Avoid consuming some gas-producing foods like broccoli, beans, onions, cauliflower and cabbage until your diarrhea condition better.