Get Smooth and Healthy Skin by Using Nutmeg as Natural Skin Treatment

Using nutmeg to make delicious foods is quite common but using it to improve health perhaps still a little bit uncommon.

One of the advantages of nutmeg for health is that it promotes good skin condition.

If you have problem with rough and dull skin, you can take benefit of nutmeg for skin to make your skin healthier and shinier.

If maintaining skin health becomes one of your big concerns, you should not miss nutmeg as your daily skin care.

This spice is pretty effective to treat a number of skin problems.

When it is used regularly, it does not only improve the healthiness of the skin but also make it look smoother.

One of the skins which can be fought with nutmeg is acne.

Applying nutmeg scrub helps to get rid of blackheads which happen to be kind of acned which is indicated by clogged pores due to over production of oil and dead skin cells.

Besides reducing the inflammation caused by acne, it is also important to treat acne marks.

Application of nutmeg for skin is effective to make the acne marks less to be seen.

For acne marks treatment, you can make a paste from the combination of nutmeg powder and honey.