Having Trouble with Productivity and Concentration? Try These Brain-Boosting Foods and Beverages!

Having problems with concentration and productivity can be disadvantageous to your work. But there are many ways to fix this. Foods, in particular, can play an important role in sharpening someone’s focus and memory, as well as improving brain function and prolonging attention span.

It is inevitable that our body ages alongside us, your best bet is to take care of yourself to help improving the quality of your overall health. This can also be said to improving your concentration and brain’s capacity.

By keeping your brain active and eating the nutritious foods, it is possible to keep your concentration at its best condition. So here are beverages and foods to improve your concentration and productivity.

The first food is blueberries. According to many research, these small berries can help boosting memory and improving someone’s focus for approximately five hours. This fruit also contain high nutrients that have antioxidant properties, as well as capability to improve the brain’s function and helping it to stay fresh.

Green tea is also very beneficial in improving someone’s concentration and focus. The first reason is because it has a high amount of theanine, and the second reason is because it is very high in caffeine. Caffeine and theanine keeps our brain awake and can improve our focus significantly.

The next is avocados, which are good for boosting our body’s blood circulation to the brain. All of our organs rely on a good blood flow, because they all need blood and oxygen to function. Leafy green vegetables and fish are also another good food for brain booster, as many of them are very rich in antioxidant and can help improving your brain’s capacity. Last but not least, drink water! Water helps to improve your attention and focus by delivering more electrical energy to stimulate your brain.