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Here Is Solution to Remove Your Migraine

Here Is Solution to Remove Your Migraine 

Have you ever got migraine or often get it? 

This illness is part of headache and happens to half part of the head. 

It is such a huge headache which will make the people who have it become so weak and have no energy and focus for their activity. 

It is because the headache which attacks is very painful and can be motivated by some smells.

The cause of migraine

As for the cause, there is no real cause of this illness, but the common cause of this is stress. 

But it is not only that, there is still some cause for this such as less of sleeping, the uncontrollable emotions, eating habit, bad smell from cigarette etc, and some sensitivity toward light and smell. 

Those may cause migraine.

How to overcome migraine

Now, hot to overcome it when it comes in your busy activity? 

You may compress your head using ice or cold towel to help tighten the blood vessel. 

Besides that you also need to avoid bright light until it disappears. 

Not only that, you also need to warm up your neck using warm towel and give some massage on it. 

If it is needed you also may consume medicine to help remove the migraine.