Home Remedies for Reviving Puffy and Tired Eyes

People can be very busy in their daily life but many of them cannot enjoy the good sleep at night because of the stress from the workplace which cannot be relieved even after they are at home. It can cause the eyes which looks tired and puffy. It will not good for their appearance and of course it will not be good for their performance. This problem can be fixed easily by using simple home remedies such as black tea.


The reason why people can use black tea for reviving their puffy and tired eyes is because it comes with tannins. It is kind of astringent compound which can be found a lot in the black tea. It is useful for deflating as well as tightening the bags under their eyes. People can also find other great benefits of black tea including its function for lowering the type 2 diabetes risk.

How to Use

To get the great benefit from the black tea for reviving the under eyes bags, people need to activate the tannins in the tea bag. It can be done by dipping the black tea cup in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. It should be put in the fridge until cool before the damp bag can be applied as compress on the eyes for about 10 minutes.