Home Remedies to Make Teeth Look Whiter in One Night

Too much consumption of tea and coffee as well as smoking can turn the original colour of teeth into yellow colour. The stains in the teeth are quite difficult to remove and can hassle your beautiful smile. It cannot be easily removed only by regularly brushing the teeth. This condition can be treated by treatment from dentistry but it most likely requires high cost. You can take benefits of home remedies to treat this condition in one night.


Strawberry is to fruit which can take this work. All you need to do is crushing this fruit and polish it on your teeth. Leave it for about one minute to make it works. Brush the teeth; you also can use toothpaste, in order to take off the acids of strawberry. This fruit has malic acid and natural whitener which are beneficial to clean the teeth as well as getting rid of bacteria from mouth.

Baking soda

Another home remedy that can be used to whiten teeth is baking soda. For regular use, you can dust baking soda in the tip of toothpaste so that it does not feel too coarse. The properties in baking soda are effective to get rid of plaque and make them look cleaner.