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Horse; Usages for Human Being

Horse; Usages for Human Being

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Horse is one excellent kind of animals for the human being. 

For human, horse has lots of functions. 

It could be used as the worker animal and it is one of the best worker animals among all animals in the animal world. it could have other functions. 

Besides its beauty, horse has lots of eminences. 

It has the awesome performance so it is often being used in some kinds of beauty contests of the horses. 

It could be used to be part of games too.

Some people love to play polo games. 

In some countries, polo is being played on the horse. 

The players ride the horse to play the games. 

People also love to watch the horse race. 

Some spectators even love to bet on it. 

Horses have been considered as the smart animals among all animals in the animal world.

Horse’s usages are not limited on those items.

In some countries, the horses, especially the old horses are also consumed. 

According to those people who consumed the horse’s meat, it could have some impacts to the health, especially in their vitalities. 

That is why; many people love to eat the horse meat even though the actual medical facts haven’t been analyzed yet.