Knowing the Best Time for Defecating and How to Make It as a Habit

Being fit and healthy is the wish of anyone. Still, the condition of the health and body can be seen from our own habit. That is including about the habit on defecating. Actually that habit also can be good or not. It is especially on dealing with the right time for defecating.

However, sometime we just could not manage how we will defecate. The info below might be completely helpful for you to know about what the best time is for defecating, and also how to make it as a habit.

The Best Time for Defecating

Based on the studies, the best time for defecating is in the morning. That is right after we wake up in the morning. That is because when we are sleeping at night, the digestion works hard for dealing with the process of the foods which we have been consumed that day.

Then, in the morning about 30 minutes after we wake up, defecating is the best idea to do. That is why many people and experts said that defecating in the morning is a good thing and as the sign that we have a fit body.

How to Make It as a Habit

As we have mentioned before, we often could not plan when we are going to defecate. However, we can simply make it (defecating in the morning) as a habit by consuming coffee in the morning.

Another better idea for dealing with that good habit is by consuming the lemon juice which is mixed with warm water in the morning right after we wake up or before consuming anything else.