Let’s Get Healthy Body with an Apple a Day

Have you ever heard a saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Yup, it is true. This amazing fruit has so many benefits to our body.

It can prevent you from many malignancies, such as cancer, cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, cataract, and so forth. Amazingly, an apple can also help you to beautify your skin and grow your hair.

An apple is composed by 85, 3 gram of water and 11, 8 gram of carbohydrate. This means, by consuming an apple a day, you will get more energy to do your activity. You can also consume apple, if you are on a strict diet.

For your skin and hair, you apply homemade apple mask. The apple mask cleans your face from acne and other skin problems like blackheads, and oily face. This amazing fruit also prevent you from wrinkles and cellulite.

Meanwhile, apple helps you grow your hair faster. Your hair looks more shiny and brighter. To prevent you from all dangerous disease above, you just make an apple juice every day.

If you are too busy, then you can simply eat it on your way to your workplace. So remember to have an apple a day for the sake of your healthiness.