Million Benefit Of Tea Tree Oil For Your Skin Health

Tea tree oil is beneficial for skin beauty. However, other than that it turns the tea tree oil has many other benefits. Although this plant has a name tea tree, but these plants have a different leaf with green tea and black tea that are familiar to us. If the plant is brewed, it will emit a smell like nutmeg. It turned out that tea tree oil has a function as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. This plant can reduce inflammation because of gingivitis.

Tea Tree Oil To Treat Nail Fungus

tea tree oil is already proven to function as an anti-fungal. Cream for toenail fungus, which contained tea tree oil successfully treat nail fungus. You can shed tea tree oil on a cotton swab and rub in gently to the nail that was moldy.

Tea Tree Oil For Acne

The content of the anti-bacterial tea tree oil can also help treat acne. tea tree oil has the same effect as benzoil peroxide in acne cleaning process. If you are sensitive to pure tea tree oil, then you can mix the tea tree oil with water before application on acne. Because some people are sensitive to pure tea tree oil, mix it with water before the oil dabbed on the acne area. You do not need to wash it back. If it turns out your skin irritation, mix in more water.