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Nutrition inside Long Beans for Our Health

Posted at April 24th, 2018 | Categorised in Helath News

Long beans are very popular in some countries. Long beans are kind of vegetable that we often eat in some dishes in a restaurant or even at home. Sometimes some people cook them in stir-fry way, and the other just let them raw as side dish.

But even though long beans are very popular as food, I believe that not many people know what the benefits of long beans. In fact, Long beans contain very high minerals and vitamins that can help you keep or even boost your health. Nutrition inside long beans is also important for your body and to balance what your body really needs.

What is the nutrition inside the long beans?Nutrition inside Long Beans for Our Health

1. Protein source

With 8.3 grams protein in every 100 grams boiled long beans, then long beans can be one of vegetable protein that is good to fulfill our body’s need for protein in daily life.

2. Vitamin B complex

In every 100 gram of boiled long beans contain 146 mcg folic (37% of our needs); 0.2 mg thiamin (14% of our needs); 0.1 mg B6 vitamins (5% of our needs); 0.1 mg riboflavin (4% of our needs); 0.4 mg pantothenic acid (4% of our needs); and 0.6 mg niacin (3% of our needs). There are vitamin B complexes inside of long beans that can be important nutrition for our body.

3. High fibers

Long beans are vegetable that is rich with fibers. In every 100 grams of boiled long beans contain fibers that reach up to 4 grams or it can fulfill 15% of our need of fibers in daily life.

So, with much nutrition like this, long beans are very healthy for our body. There are so many delicious dishes that combine long beans in it. Stay healthy!

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