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Prevent Constipation with This Fruit Every Day

Posted at April 17th, 2018 | Categorised in Helath News

Constipation has been a problem which tends to be underestimated, whereas constipation can cause other serious health problem. If you let the constipation happen all the time, it can cause intestine cancer, hormonal function disorder, even heart disease and kidney.

How Constipation Affect Our HealthPrevent Constipation with This Fruit Every Day

The feces which precipitate in the intestine can be a toxin for our body. Hence, it affects the function of the other organs in our body. Constipation can also cause hemorrhoids which if it’s broken out, it can let your anus to bleed.

Prevent Constipation: Eat Papaya

It’s very important to defecate every day. Hence, to help you have a healthy digestive system, you are highly suggested to consume papaya every day. Papaya has papain enzyme and also rich of fiber which can help any digestive problems and disorder like constipation. It’s also effective to prevent hemorrhoids as well.

Research has found as well that papain in papaya can also kill the parasites which make trouble in the digestive activities in intestines. Besides, papaya is also effective as natural detoxification, as it clean dangerous toxins in our body.

So for those who have problem with constipation, you must really try this solution. Have you eat your papaya today?

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