Retain Your Hunger With Olive Oil

How to retrain hunger?

Hunger is one among many problem relate to diet program.

Can’t control and retrain hunger will not be good for the body sake because whenever you are hunger then you eat, it will make you overweight.

It is not only about your look it also about your body health because people who are overweight have bigger possibility of disease such as heart disease compare to people who are not.

Keep dietary habit and consume alternative carbohydrate are some ways to control hungry, and then how about retrain hunger?

In order to be able to retrain hunger, you are able to use olive oil for retraining hunger.

How so you use it? It is simple to do, just mix yoghurt with olive oil and then consume it.

Why should combine olive oil with yoghurt?

Because yoghurt and olive oil is combined, it will produce more serotonin.

Then, what is serotonin?

It is substance that will give full effect and solve the hunger problem.

So, when you get hungry, just mix olive oil and yoghurt and then eat it, that way your hunger problem will be solved.

It is a good solution to support the diet program and to be away from hunger.