Rules of Consuming Fruits and Vegetable Anyone Have to Know

Consuming fruits and vegetables daily in a right portion is one of the ways to make the body always healthy and fit. That will also help us to get away from various types of diseases. Of course, there are so many kinds of fruits and vegetables which we can enjoy every day.

However, we also need to know how to consume the fresh fruits and vegetables properly. We could not randomly consume it without we know the rules on consuming them so that we can obtain the maximum benefits of the fruits and vegetables.

How to Consume Fruits Properly

Consuming fruit in the morning is the best way to do. Fruit is really great to be consumed when our stomach is still empty. So, enjoying breakfast with the menu of fresh fruits is a good idea or you can enjoy your fruits before your complete breakfast.

Fruits can be consumed at least a half of an hour before or after you take your meals.  The more will be the better. Then, it is better for not to mix it with anything else as like sugar, milk, vegetable, bread, and many others.

Tips on Consuming Vegetables in a Right Way

On consuming vegetable, actually, it would not be that really complicated as like when we are consuming fruits. We can combine it with anything else as like carbohydrate, protein, and others. You also can enjoy the vegetables anytime.

However, it is better to ensure that vegetable is always in your lunch and dinner menu. If you love enjoying vegetable smoothies, the recommended time to take it is between dinner and sleep time.