Shocking Facts about Wi-Fi Danger On Your Health

Wi-Fi danger has been talked since few years ago as the connection can lead to some health problems.

Wi-Fi can actually negatively affect your overall brain and health, especially in kids.

Moreover, there are also some facts you probably didn’t know before.

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Contribute to insomnia development

It’s been considered that sleeping near a cell phone with Wi-Fi signals can cause a chronic sleep problem as the Wi-Fi constant bombardments pollution is interfering with sleep patterns.

In many cases, sleep deprivation is just the beginning of bigger problems.

The hypertension and depression development have also been associated to insufficient sleep.

Derailing brain function

Some people have noticed that Wi-Fi caused some problems due to the radiation impact.

Person who is exposed with Wi-Fi radiation will have some areas of reduced activity in their brain.

Neutralizing sperm

Since heat can kill sperm, so it is with Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi frequencies exposure can reduce the movement of sperm as well as causing fragmentation on the DNA.

Hence, Wi-Fi affects the sperm negatively.

Impact fertility

As you know, Wi-Fi is also affecting the production of sperm on male.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi is also considered have a negative impact on egg implantation.

Wi-Fi danger can also increase the levels of oxidative stress that can damage cellular and the structure of DNA that will lead to fertility and abnormal pregnancy.