Simple and Easy Steps for Increasing Fiber Intake

Fiber surely becomes very important nutrients which people will need for maintaining healthy body. It is useful for maintaining the bowel health as well as its regularity. However, there are many people who do not take enough fiber in their daily meal and it seems hard for them to increase the fiber intake in their daily meal. Some simple steps can be taken for increasing the fiber intake easily.

Fruit Salad

People can make the fruits salad for meal addition or for dessert. It can be made very easily and simply after all. All that people have to do is just combining their favorite fruits and berries. It can be added with the dressing which can be yogurt or fruit juice. To boost the fiber content, nuts can be added into the fruit salad.

Whole Orange

Many people love orange juice so they consume it very often. It is healthy because it comes with minerals and vitamins. However, people will get extra benefits if they eat whole orange because it comes with fiber. They will still get the delicious taste which is sweet and juicy. Of course they will also get the minerals and vitamins which are good for their health just like the fiber in whole orange.