Some of the Common Health Problems of the Bone to Know

All of the body parts play its great role and of course the condition of the body parts will affect much to its work. That is including the bone which plays a great role. We have to be able keeping the bone to be always in a good condition. Surely, there are so many types of possible problems of the bone which can happen to anyone. Of course, knowing about those problems can be really helpful for any of you who really care about the health. Here are some of them you need to know.


Osteoporosis often happens to the old ones. That is caused by the bone which is decreased its intensity. As the result, it becomes fragile and easy to be broken. That is caused by the lack of calcium intake.


This kind of bone problem happens more often to kids. That is caused by the build up of calcium or even the solar radiation.


This bone problem is caused by the vitamin D deficiencies. It also can be caused by the body metabolism. The effect of this problem is that it can cause the fragility and easy to get broken.


Kyphosis is the bone problem which happens to the back bone so that the backbone is forward face curved. So, the back becomes humpbacked.


Ankylosis is the problem which happens to the bone joints. The joints could not be movable and the tips between the bones feel united.