Some Pros and Cons of Enjoying Spicy Foods You Need to Know

Do you have hobby enjoying spicy foods? Of course, many of you have such the hobby. Sometimes, no matter whether what kind of foods which we enjoy, we will add some chillies sauce, or even chilli powder to make it spicier.

Then, the question will be whether it is good or not for our health. Of course, there will be some advantages and disadvantages of consuming spicy foods which any of you need to know. Below are some pros and cons of spicy foods you need to know.

Spicy Foods Pros

Enjoying spicy foods can be that good too since it has some advantages. Here are some pros of consuming spicy foods:

  • Help dealing with the cold

One of the benefits of consuming spicy food is help you dealing with the cold. The spicy foods as like pepper or chilly can help dealing with cold since they are rich of vitamin C and A. Peppers also consist of antibacterial which can get rid of the bacteria that cause cold.

  • Improve your body metabolism

In chilli, there is capsaicin which can help increasing the metabolism. That will increase the heart beats and body temperature.

Spicy Foods Cons

Besides the pros of spicy foods which we have mentioned before, there are also some cons of spicy foods which we need to notice. One of them is dulling your tasting sense. Consuming the spicy foods more and more will make your tongue to be not really that sensitive to taste foods or drinks.

Then, spicy food can also trigger the defecation and even when you consume the spicy foods over, that also can cause diarrhoea.