Symptoms and Prevention for Severe Anemia

There are some health problems which are related to severe anemia as its symptoms. In fact, before it becomes serious issues, people should be able to know the symptoms of anemia with severe level so they will be able to discover the health problems. There are some symptoms which can be seen and of course people can also take some steps for preventing this condition.


People suffer from anemia when they do not have enough red blood cells in the system. It can also be developed when there is not enough hemoglobin in the red blood cells. There are some symptoms which can be seen when people have severe anemia. People can suffer from depression faint feeling, dizziness, as well as excessive sweating.

They can also suffer from the leg cramps, pain in chest, rapid pulse, and also rapid breathing. People should also be more aware if the scratches and cuts are not healed within reasonable time. Exhaustion becomes common even when they just performing basic tasks.


Anemia can be prevented for sure. People can take the iron supplement as well as multivitamin which are rich in vitamin B12 and folate. They also need to take the foods which are rich in iron. They should avoid the foods with high content of tannic acid, soy, and dairy product.