Take More Vitamin D for Your Bone with Easy Ways

In a day, there at least 20-25 minutes of sun exposure that makes you able to get enough Vitamin D. Here are foods that rich with Vitamin D that can fill your body need for Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has positively linked to strong bones and lower the risk of being depression, obesity and Alzheimer.

While you are able to get enough sun’s energy to convert chemical in your skin to Vitamin D, you can boost from this foods.

First is eating salmon. Fatty fish such as salmon, halibut, cod or tuna are one of best source for Vitamin D, there are 450 IU that come into 3 ounce fillet.

Next is Eggs, especially the yolks. Vitamin D that contain in eggs is find in yolk.

Next is fortified milk. Typically, in 8 ounce glass of milk cow contain at least 100 IUs of vitamin D. however, the amount are able higher or lower , depend on how much vitamin are added.

Rice milk and soy milk are also available to fortify as well.  The fortified orange juice is other option for drinking with extra vitamin D with 100 IU in an 8-ounce glass.

If the juice package with additional calcium, is great option because vitamin D help to absorb the bone boosting mineral n your body.