The Benefits of Oregano for Home Remedies

Oregano is well known as herb which is used a lot in various kinds of dishes but of course the most popular dish which uses oregano is pizza. Nevertheless, people will find the great use of oregano not only for making delicious pizza because it can also be useful for various home remedies.

Common Cold

Oregano has the antiseptic as well as antioxidant properties which are powerful so it can be a perfect choice for the common cold treatment. Anytime people think that they will get cold or sore throat, they just need to add a few drops of oregano oil into their orange juice. They can also take oregano tea in daily basis.

Nasal Congestion

If people suffer from nasal congestion, they can get the great treatment from oregano. It can be natural treatment chosen because it comes with the antihistamine which is not only safe but also reliable. They can drink a few drops of oregano oil with orange juice or inhale the oregano vapor.

Flu Virus

Oregano also has anti-viral properties which must be useful for shorten the flu symptoms duration effectively. There are some common symptoms of flu which can be found from high fever to the pains of joints and muscles. They just need to drink a glass of water added with a few drops of oregano oil in daily basis.