The Best Foods for the Health of the Mouth

Some dentists said that we can know if people’s diet is ideal or not by looking the condition of their mouth and teeth. People with sugary dietary would have one or two teeth decay.

People with healthy foods would have healthy mouth too. And what kind of foods that are the best for the health of the mouth?

  • Cheese. Cheese contains calcium and protein that are good for making the tooth enamel stronger hence making the risk of tooth decay lower.
  • Yoghurt. The reason why yoghurt is good for the health of mouth is the same reason with cheese. The good bacteria from yoghurt also help defeating the bad bacteria which make the tooth decay.
  • Green, leafy vegetables. These foods full of vitamin, minerals that are good not only for the health of the mouth but also the health of the whole body.
  • Apple, carrot, celeries. Fiber in these foods is higher that are good for stimulating the gum. By eating these foods, the mouth produces a lot of saliva cleaning bacteria and the food particles from the teeth. Carrot and celeries contain vitamin A and C that are good as antioxidant and for boosting the mouth’s health.
  • Almond. Almond has calcium and protein that are good for healthy teeth