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The Pending Zoo for Eco-tourism of Wolves

The Pending Zoo for Eco-tourism of Wolves

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Wolves are today categorized as endangered species for their amount that is decreasing day by day.

It becomes more difficult today to find the wolves in the forests where they should be found.

Thus, protecting wolves is one of the main things to do in this modern era, as well as protecting the other endangered species which are in extinction as well.

The effort can be conducted with many ways. But the effort conducted by MFI heir Paul Lister in 2020 is such a good deed.

He is a millionaire that owns a zoo area.

His zoo area is 23,000 acre in vast Alladale estate, Sutherland, Scotland.

Unfortunately, the zoo was too small for too many animals that he already has planned.

The authority told him that he should have got the area of three times wider than the current size, so that his application to get the licensed zoo was put on hold by the estate general manager.

Wolves as the endangered species should also be put there, since the owner planned so.

Although the idea to bring the wolves for educational purposes was actually agreed by the authorities, but the small enclosure made the plan had to be considered again.